Work-Flow & Protocols

Here are some SUGGESTED templates that can aid in your workflow and to ensure that care is standardized as far as stroke workup. Ideally the electronic documentation within (encompassing clinical decision making and DDx, investigations, and plan) can flow from the initial consult note, to daily progress notes, and to discharge planning.

Remember - Discharge Planning and starting a "Discharge Summary" starts on the day of admission!

Hospital-specific Protocols - please follow this LINK*

  • The above link provides hospital-specific protocols including, Code Stroke, TPA orders, Admission orders (which should not be used in paper format - use the electronic version), and supporting guidelines. Also, there are hospital-specific guidelines for management of anti-coagulation, reversal of blood thinners and TPA, and other useful information.
  • * Please note that you will need your network Login and Password to access this information.

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