Tuck-in Rounds 

Tuck-in Rounds for NVU Ward Patients Under Stroke Neurology as MRP

To Stroke Team Members - for NVU Ward Patients Under Stroke Neurology as MRP

In order to avoid unnecessary pages and calls to you for non-urgent issues we have implemented a Tuck-in rounds.

Each night, between approximately 2200-2300, the on-call Stroke Resident is to please come to B4NVU RN station.
Once you arrive on the ward, there will be a red Clip-board with a Tuck-in List; with Tier-A tasks.
These tasks, when done, allow the resident to not be called overnight. Other tasks designated as Tier-B are to be addressed by the Day-time team. There has been education to our RN colleagues about all of this.

Tier-A tasks will be written by the Team Lead (charge RN) on a dedicated clip-board, and this clip-board can be reviewed during Tuck-in Rounds, allowing for expeditious addressing of tasks that need overnight attention, while accomplishing the task of minimizing overnight  pages that are non-urgent.

The overnight Stroke Neurology On-call Team paging Escalation Ladder is as follows:

● 1st Call - On-call Stroke Resident

● 2nd Call - On-call Stroke Fellow (on evenings when there is a Stroke Fellow On-call; if no Fellow On-call, then page will go to the On-call Stroke Resident)

● 3rd Call - On-Call Stroke Staff (Staff cell numbers are at RN station, if above 1st- and 2nd- call members of the team are not returning pages)

**For RNs** If you are not getting through to the Stroke Resident or Stroke Fellow in a timely manner for urgent situations or care needs, please page and/or call the cell-phone of the on-call Stroke Staff.

Slides with Tier-A and Tier-B task examples, and a sample Tuck-in Rounds Sheet

Tuck-in Rounds, Tier-A and B tasks