Your stroke rotation is a team environment where one engages with many colleagues across medical specialties, allied health teams, and nursing. The Neurovascular Unit brings together neurology & in-patient medical care in a unique way.

Daily we meet with our allied health colleagues on The Stroke Unit, for "Bullet Rounds" at 9:45AM.

The focus of Allied Health "bullet rounds" is the following:


Stroke Orientation - FAST

Clinical Pearls:

Flow of Stroke Patients (during the acute Code Stroke) phase:

Flow diagram of patients during a Code Stroke activation. This is meant as a general guide/outline of our current processes. Please note that each individual case needs consideration.

Clinical Pearls:

Repatriation Brochure.pdf

Stroke patients are admitted to the hospital from the following routes:

Stroke patients are discharged from our Stroke unit to the following disposition possibilities: