Stroke Ward Guidelines

Stroke Ward Admission Guidelines

2021 - (revised) Stroke Unit (ward) Admission Guidelines - These are admission guidelines for Stroke Unit Ward - not Level 1 or Level 2.
*This protocol does not pertain to transfers to the stroke unit after the acute phase*

1) Acute Stroke consults within 24H of symptom onset
- first consult Stroke Neurology (this is best practice to ensure we don’t miss a Large Vessel Occlusion)

2) Subacute Stroke consults, (greater than) > 24H since symptom onset - go to Stroke Neurology IF any of the following are TRUE:
- imaging positive explaining the symptoms
- imaging negative but the patient has a clear stroke syndrome/deficit on exam as supported by history (e.g. early lacunar stroke may be negative on imaging but the patient has a clear stroke syndrome, e.g. face+arm+leg weakness)

Other Query Subacute Stroke consults, where imaging negative or who don’t have a clear stroke syndrome, go to Internal Medicine. When/if stroke is confirmed, stroke will accept and transfer care, to the stroke unit for comprehensive allied health care. Only exceptions include patients who need higher levels of care (level 1,2,3 ICUs), or if there is a more urgent/precedent primary medical issue.

Author: Dr. Khosravani, reviewed with Division Heads of Neurology and Internal Medicine. Distributed to the ED and other services.