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Welcome to - This website is dedicated to stroke education and being a point-of-care resource for providers of acute stroke care. Please take the time to browse the various sections of the site including the Stroke Unit, Pharmacy Services, work-flow-templates, and resources dealing with acute care of stroke patients (code stroke).

Stroke Rotation

Welcome to your stroke rotation 

We hope that your stroke rotation will be educational, inspirational, and fun. This rotation complements nicely with other medical/surgical specialties because stroke is a common condition that crosses many medical disciplines. As a physician working in a hospital setting or acute care, dealing with stroke/post-stroke patients will not be a rare occurrence given the burden of disease nation-wide.

Present-day management of stroke is rewarding because candidate patients are rapidly assessed and treated with tPA and/or thrombectomy with (potential) tremendous recovery. We are now living in an era where stroke care can truly reverse the outcome of a devastating neurologic condition. Stroke management highlights and educates physicians in other conditions that overlap with stroke such as treatment of hypertension, atrial fibrillation, coronary artery disease, and metabolic diseases such as diabetes. In stroke medicine, there are also less common presentations such as vasculitis or stroke in the young or pregnant patient that add to the breadth and depth of medical practice in often challenging clinical circumstances. Furthermore, stroke medicine is a multidisciplinary field where one works with colleagues in other medical disciplines such as emergency medicine and critical care medicine - together we comprise treatment arms of modern-day stroke care.

Nonetheless, and above all, your stroke rotation is a team environment where one engages with colleagues in a multidisciplinary environment (including allied health, nursing, and other specialists) to provide comprehensive stroke care. 

Welcome to your stroke rotation!

Below are a set of resources and key topics to review that will get you started on your rotation:


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